Winter Weather Events

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During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to see winter weather events go through our communities. We often are prepared for blizzards and high winds but often times don’t think about the impact fog can have on our electrical system.

Fog is made up of condensed water droplets. Eventually, these water droplets freeze on anything it lands on, including our electrical system. Although these ice particles are beautiful on the trees we see outside – they can cause havoc when delivering power to the members we serve.

When fog is present for extended periods of time, this results in ice build-up on power lines, poles, and the overall electrical system. This ice build-up causes extra weight and force which can lead to broken lines, fallen poles and compromised equipment.

The saying is true, we can’t control mother nature. However, we can take steps to be prepared for a power outage. Visit our OUTAGE CENTER for more information.

As your member owned electric cooperative, no matter what mother nature throws our way, we will work hard to restore power quickly and safely if an outage occurs.

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