Please fill out the below information for each oil well site.

SERVICE:         You agree and understand that Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative (“MWEC”) has and will be making applications to its power supplier for delivery of the requested power to this service, and because of the limitations inherent to the power grid, there is no guarantee or certainty that such power will be available, or if available, the date that delivery will be available.  MWEC is not to be held liable for any losses or damages, whether actual, consequential, punitive, or otherwise, to the Member or anyone claiming by, thru, or under the Member, related to the failure to deliver this power, as requested, if it is not available or cannot be delivered in a timely manner. 

MWEC is not to be held liable for any loss, damage, or delay due to accident, fire, strike, civil or military authority, insurrection, acts of God, unusual delay in transportation, adverse weather conditions, unavailability of labor, materials, or services, contractor defaults, government restrictions, or any cause beyond its control, including, but not limited to, an inability to obtain easements and power. 

Bills for this service shall be paid within thirty (30) days after the bill is mailed to the Member. 

COST:              Members are billed actual cost for their project.  Members are required to pay a deposit for the project.  A final cost for the project will be calculated based on material, labor, overhead, special services, and special equipment figures after construction has been completed. This deposit is separate from, and may be in addition to, any meter deposit required by the Cooperative.  If the remaining costs are not paid within thirty (30) days, the Cooperative will terminate the service until the account has been paid in full.  The deposit must be paid prior to construction scheduling, unless otherwise authorized.

*** Acknowledgement *** By clicking Submit below, you acknowledge that you have read the above information, and understand that you will be billed and must pay for the actual cost of the project.  You acknowledge that weather may impact the cost of construction and that you may notify my MWEC representative if you wish to delay construction due to weather conditions.  You also acknowledge that there is no guarantee of power availability, and if available, the date delivery will be available.  You also understand and acknowledge that there are several work orders ahead of this request, and it may be weeks or months before the work will be scheduled.  Also, you acknowledge this service is in full compliance with any applicable laws, ordinances, building codes, and zoning regulations.

After submitting your request, verify that you have received a confirmation email.  Contact MWEC if you do not receive the confirmation email.

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