Board of Directors


Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative is looking for a member with strong leadership skills who would be interested in joining our board of directors. The director position for 3A, representing the city boundaries of the City of New Town within Mountrail County, is now vacant. 

Time Commitment
MWEC director meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month, where they meet to discuss financial issues, policies and any other issues facing the cooperative.

Please call the cooperative or reach out to your MWEC directors (below) for any questions in regard to running for an open director position.

* For qualifications and how to apply, see below

To become and remain a Director, a Person must comply with the following membership qualifications:

a) Be a bona fide resident in the area served by the Cooperative and in the precinct within the district which he or she is to represent;

b) Be a continuous purchaser of residential electric services from the Cooperative for not less than three years prior to nomination;

c) Is not in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative, or a business primarily engaged in selling electrical or plumbing appliances, fixtures, supplies, or wiring to, among others, the members of the Cooperative;

d) Is not, and during the three years immediately before becoming a Director, an employee of the Cooperative;

e) Has the capacity to enter legally binding contracts;

f) Be a member in good standing of the Cooperative;

g) Has never been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to, any criminal act constituting a felony under the law of the jurisdiction in which the conviction, guilty plea, or plea of nolo contendere occurred, which shall be confirmed by a background check.

Upon establishment of the fact that a nominee for director lacks eligibility or a director already holding office in violation of any of the foregoing provisions, it shall immediately become incumbent upon the Board of Directors to remove such director from office.

Nothing contained in this section shall affect in any manner whatsoever the validity of any action taken at any meeting of the Board of Directors.

Open director position 3A, city boundaries of the City of New Town. See map below:


If you reside within the city boundaries of the City of New Town, are a qualified MWEC member, and would like to be considered for this position please send a letter containing a short biography of yourself and why you are interested in serving the members of MWEC. The MWEC Board will appoint a director to fulfill the remainder of the term. The term will conclude at the 2026 Annual Meeting.

All letters of interest must be received by June 25, 2024.

Board of Directors Vacancy
PO Box 1346
Williston, ND 58802-1346

New Town
250 4th St. S

6150 82nd Ave NW

218 58th St. W

Bob Grant

Bob Grant 2023

Bob Grant


East District 3B
Berthold, Mountrail County
Serving Since 1981


Garrett Lalim

Garrett Lalim 2023

Garrett Lalim

Vice Chairperson

Central District 2A
Tioga, Williams County
Serving Since 2014


Blaine Jorgenson

Blaine Jorgenson 2023

Blaine Jorgenson


West District 1B
Williston, Williams County
Serving Since 2006


Kyle DeTienne

Kyle DeTienne 2023

Kyle DeTienne


East District 3C
New Town, Mountrail County
Serving Since 2019


Jennifer Wade

Jennifer Wade 2023

Jennifer Wade


West District 1C
Grenora, Williams County
Serving Since 2019


Brion Norby

Brion Norby 2023

Brion Norby


West District 1A
Williston, Williams County
Serving Since 2021


Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson 2023

Pete Peterson


Central District 2B
Epping, Williams County
Serving Since 2021


Ryan Wilhelmi

Ryan Wilhelmi 2023

Ryan Wilhelmi


Central District 2C
Stanley, Mountrail County
Serving Since 2022



Vacant image



East District 3A
New Town, Mountrail County

Term concludes 2026

MWEC Board of Directors

BOD Group Photo 2022


Pictured: Front (LtoR) Bob Grant, Blaine Jorgenson, Kyle DeTienne, and Garrett Lalim; Back (LtoR) Brion Norby, Jennifer Wade, Pete Peterson and Ryan Wilhelmi; Not Pictured-Char Aubol

What are directors?

BOD Basic Image



A nine-member board of directors governs MWEC. These nine individuals are fellow members of the cooperative and are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The directors serve terms of three years each. Their regular board meeting is on the last Wednesday of each month, where they meet to discuss financial issues, policies and any other issues facing the cooperative.

Want to be a director?

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Each year at the MWEC Annual Meeting, three director seats (one each from East, Central and West Districts) are elected.

The Nomination and Election Rules are printed each year in the North Dakota living magazine and are also available to view online, MWEC Bylaws-Article IV - Directors

Nomination Petition Affidavit - See Below