Water Heater Program

What is the Water Heater Rebate Program?
The Water Heater Rebate Program is a program where MWEC offers members the opportunity to receive a $500 rebate on qualifying water heaters

How are qualifying water heaters determined?
Qualifying water heaters must meet the following requirements:
~ 50+ Gallons
~ Dual Elements
~ 8 Year Minimum Warranty
~ 5 Year Load Control Agreement


Who qualifies for the program?
Any MWEC members who are replacing gas water heaters with electric, or have a failed water heater outside of warranty or as a new installation


What do we have to do to get our rebate?
Once MWEC has installed the Load Control Unit and member has signed a Load Control Agreement.  A rebate will then be issued to the member.


Can a member have more than one heater and rebate?
Yes, the Water Heater Rebate is per structure not per member or meter.


Where can I purchase a water heater?
Electric water heater are available at hardware stores locally.  There is no preference of brand or business that they are purchased from.



* MWEC member is responsible for installation as well as repair/maintenance associated with purchased water heater.

 * Member may only receive one rebate, per structure.

 * Member may opt out of Load Control Agreement at $9/month for the remaining duration of the agreement.

 * MWEC will still continue agreement of water heaters provided under the previous Water Heater Program.



Electric Water Heater Benefits

Convenience and
Ease of Use

The electric water heater is generally easier to use because it runs purely on electrical power.  No need to worry about turning the gas on to start the heating operation.


Compact and Space
Saving Design

Because they run purely on electricity, electric water heaters are more compact.  They also do not require venting allowing for more placement options.  Compact design make it ideal for homes with limited space.


Easier and Lower
Installation Costs

Since electric water heaters do not require venting, installing them is a lot easier and cheaper.


Availability of Power Source
Electric water heaters can be used at any home that is connected to the power grid.