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CLOSED for 2024

2024 High School Lineworker Program

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative (MWEC) ishs lineworker 2024 excited to partner with Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy for the second year in a row! This is an exciting opportunity for high school students to participate in an elective program focused on lab-based electronics and electrical skills. These classes offer a hands-on introduction to skills required to be a Lineman. It is open to students going into their Sophomore, Junior and Senior year of high school.

Last year, 6 students from Williams/Mountrail county attended the Lineman Program. All students, in addition to several parents, expressed their gratitude and positive feedback! Learn more about one of our students experiences in the August, 2023 edition of the ND Living magazine (page C5) here: August, 2023

The program will take place Sunday, June 9 – Friday June 14, 2024 at the Bismarck State College Campus, Bismarck, ND. The class size is limited (20 students) and is expected to fill up quickly. This opportunity is available for all high school students across the U.S. Early registration is encouraged to reserve a spot. Additional details include

Program Dates: June 9 – June 14

Program Investment – FREE, thanks to a ND Commerce Grant and the MWEC Board of Directors.
Transportation –Students must have their own transportation to and from the program.

Registration – Registration form is attached. Career counselors will use registration code MISO3# 17999
Class credits - ¼ to ½ elective high school credit via Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy
Course topics – Outlined in attachment 1
Program Itinerary – Forthcoming

MWEC Shadowing Experience– The shadowing component is available for students upon completion of the June 9 – June 14 program. Job Shadowing for Mountrail and Willams county students will take place June 17 – June 18. To receive full class credits, participation in the shadowing experience is required. Itinerary forthcoming.

For additional information on program curriculum:

Kent Ellis                               kent_ellis@bismarckschools.org
Dubi Cummings                  pr@mwec.com

Coming Soon!!

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Students should fill out the form below (Registration Form) and then work with the school to register for this program.

The information the school needs is:
Cooperative Work Experience
MISO3#  17999

Upon registering the student, the high school will provide his information to Kent Ellis at kent_ellis@bismarckschools.org . Kent works for Bismarck High School and is the master-mind behind this program. He is the best point of contact regarding questions about the program.

Program Communication
Once the student’s information is received, Kent and his team will reach out and provide program details.

Approximately 20 hours of shadowing with MWEC is required for the student to receive the full credit available for this class. Bismarck High School is finalizing the credits for this class, however, expect it to be around .5 credits.

Once the program has met its threshold of students, MWEC will work with students sponsored to plan a shadowing itinerary with dates/times.

Course Requirement
This class will be capped at 20 students based on when registration is recieved.


Registration Form

To learn more about these opportunities email pr@mwec.com