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Workforce Development for the Future

What do you want to be when you grow up? What school are you going to attend? What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now? These are all questions high school students are asked regularly. For some students, the answer is easy. I want to be a teacher, or a firefighter, a doctor, or an electrician. But for many, the answer is 'I don't know'.

Today, there is an opportunity for students to participate in Career & Technical Education in various industry sectors. These programs have an emphasis on career-readiness and provides students with academic and technical skills and knowledge in their chosen field of interest. The work-based learning model, is not only proven to help students gain real-world experience, but helps to shape their future career choices.

Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy, in partnership with businesses and industries across North Dakota, are working together to expand their CTE programs in a new and exciting way. For one week this summer, students from across the state will come together to participate in a week-long High School Lineworker Elective Program.

For more information about this incredible opportunity visit our EDUCATION (Community > Electrical Education) page.