Rate Holiday

MWEC members are receiving a bill credit on their December and January bills. Check-out your bill to see the Rate Holiday credit applied to your balance. On average users will pay 2.6 cents less per kilowatt hour for their December bill (November usage) and 2.65 cents per kilowatt hour for their January bill (November usage). See example below: 

Rate Holiday Bill Sample

Why a 'Credit'

For some, this might be the first time you have received a credit on your bill. But for others, a credit might have been applied to your bill in the past without you even noticing. So, let’s explain the ‘why’ behind your credit.

As your member-owned cooperative our job is to deliver reliable and affordable electricity. We work closely with our generation and transmission power suppliers to meet the electrical needs of our members.

This year has been a financially strong year for both MWEC and our power suppliers. Profit margins were higher than projected in 2022. And because we are owned by those we serve – yes, our members – these profits are returned back to you. 

Simply put, when the cooperative does well, everyone benefits!



You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Check out our list of frequently asked questions below.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact your local MWEC office in New Town, Stanley and Williston. We look forward to speaking with you, just call 1-800-279-2667.




Rate Holiday Vertical

Rate Holiday FAQ

   Answer: Your bill credit is based on the number of kilowatt hour used during that billing cycle, above and beyond your base charge. On average users will pay 2.6 cents less per kilowatt hour for their December bill (November usage) and 2.65 cents less per kilowatt hour for their January bill (December usage). A rate holiday will appear in the ‘Current Service Detail’ section of your bill. Note the scenario below:

Average energy charge:  1,100 kWh @ 0.0840        $92.40      (main meter)
Average energy charge:  1,141 kWh @ 0.0380        $43.36      (heat meter)
Rate Holiday:                   1,100 kWh @ -0.0260       -$28.60     (main meter credit)
Rate Holiday:                   1,141 kWh @ -0.0260       -$29.67     (heat meter credit)
                                    Total Current Charges:             $77.49    


  Answer: Members will receive a bill credit for their November and December usage. MWEC bills for usage after the electricity has been used. Thus, your November usage will appear in your December bill and your December usage will appear in your January bill.

Answer: No. We are proud to say that our residential rates have not changed for over 13 years.

  Answer: No. Only members [in this case your landlord] will receive the bill credit. Any questions about bill credits passed on to the renter should be addressed with the landlord.

Answer: Yes. Members on prepaid billing will receive a rate holiday bill credit on their accounts on 12/21/22 and 1/21/23.