Grain Drying Program


MWEC Low-Temperature Grain Drying Program:
5.4¢ per KWH (kilowatt hour)

When the weather conditions are less than favorable during harvest, farmers have no choice but to get their crop harvested and in the bin.  This is why an efficient and dependable grain drying system, at a reasonable rate, is essential.  MWEC is pleased to offer this successful program to the members.  IT’s available for the farmer who needs fans for conditioning or adding heat to lower the humidity and moisture content of their grain.


Program Information

  • The discounted rate of 5.4¢ per KWH applies to electric dryers and fans.
  • A minimum load, including fan and heater, must be 5 KW (kilowatts) to qualify.
  • Your heaters and fans can be either permanently mounted to one bin or portable for use on multiple bins.
  • Metering rain dryers can be either sub-metered or separately metered, depending on the distance form your farm’s master meter.  Under certain circumstances, base charges will apply.
  • Loans are also available for the installation of grain drying equipment.


If you have any questions regarding the MWEC Grain Drying Program, please contact us at 1-800-279-2667