🎤 Calling all talented MWEC members! 🎤

AM Singer Needed


Showcase your vocals and be the star of our Annual Meeting on June 4th!
We're on the lookout for a sensational singer to take center stage and
perform the National Anthem.
Could it be you?

Here's how to enter:
1️⃣ Record a snippet of your incredible vocals (audio or video).
2️⃣ Send your recording to pr@mwec.com by March 15th, 2024.

The winner will be announced on April 2nd!

This is your chance to shine. We can't wait to hear your amazing talents!




Pet Selfie
Photo Contest

We know our members love their pets so we
looking for photos of you with them!

We want to see all your awesome pets selfies
with your cat, dog, guinea pig, cow, horse, goat,
whatever your pet may be!

Goat Pet Selfie
   dog selfie photo

Send your Pet Selfies to pr@mwec.com
direct message via Facebook
by April 2nd, 2024!

Members could win a Pride of North Dakota Basket and
be featured in the North Dakota Living Magazine!

Winners will be announced April 19th, 2024!

MWEC Membership
Photo Contest

Share with us what being a part of MWEC means to you!

Show us photos of family moments, farming,
ranching, sports activities, or volunteering.

You, as a member, define the essence of the cooperative,
and we're eager to discover what sets you apart.

Your uniqueness is what makes MWEC special! 📸

ranching family photo   Volunteering Contest Photo

   Send your photos to pr@mwec.com
via direct Facebook message
by March 29, 2024!

You could win a Pride of North Dakota Basket and
be featured in our Annual Report!

Winners will be announced April 4th, 2024!