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Board of Directors

Roger Sorenson
Ross, Central District 2C
Mountrail County
Elected 1995


Robert Grant
Vice Chairperson
Berthold, East District 3B
Mountrail County
Elected 1981


Cheryl Hartsoch
Ray, Central Distict 2B
Williams County
Elected 1997


Blaine Jorgenson
Williston, West District 1B
Williams County
Elected 2006


Larry Johnson
Alamo, West District 1C
Williams County
Elected 2007


Charlene Aubol
New Town, East District 3A
Mountrail County
Appointed 2019 


Kyle DeTienne
New Town, East District 3C
Mountrail County
Elected 2019


Dick Ludwig
Williston, West District 1A
Williams County
Elected 2017


Garrett Lalim
Tioga, Central District 2A
Williams County
Elected 2014



A nine-member board of directors governs MWEC. These nine individuals are fellow members of the cooperative and are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The directors serve terms of three years each. Their regular board meeting is on the last Wednesday of each month, where they meet to discuss financial issues, policies and any other issues facing the cooperative.

Dale Haugen, General Manager, 800-279-2667

Roger Sorenson, Chairperson, 701-628-2528

Robert Grant, Vice Chairperson, 701-453-3218

Cheryl Hartsoch, Treasurer, 701-568-3872

Blaine Jorgenson, Secretary, 701-875-4228

Larry Johnson, Director, 701

Charlene Aubol, Director, 701

Kyle DeTienne, Director, 701

Dick Ludwig, Director, 701-572-7184

Garrett Lalim, Director, 701-641-3154


Director Brochure

Director District Map

Nomination Petition Affidavit


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