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Annual Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative held its Annual Member Meeting on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at the Cooperative’s facilities in Williston. Due to COVID-19 virus concerns, this year’s Annual Meeting was held in a very limited format.  Chairman Roger Sorenson called the meeting to order at approximately 2:00 pm with a very small number of members in attendance.  Because the number of members present was not sufficient for an in-person quorum, the meeting was recessed to tally mail-in and in-person ballots received.  Over 500 mail-in ballots were returned to the Cooperative, constituting a quorum of the membership for those issues asked to vote upon only. The ballot count was conducted by an election committee of the membership under the supervision of the Cooperative’s outside legal counsel.  Chairperson Sorenson returned from the recess and Attorney Brittany Foust of Neff Eiken & Neff announced the results.  Elected to serve three-year director terms were Dick Ludwig (West District), Garret Lalim (Central District) and Charlene Aubol (East District).  The membership also approved the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes and proposed bylaw changes permitting the Cooperative to hold virtual annual meetings electronically and to count the virtual members toward quorum in the future.  The meeting was adjourned by a majority of those present in person. The Cooperative thanks its members for their patience and understanding of the format change and hopes to see everyone at the 2021 MWEC Annual Member Meeting.  Questions regarding the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting, or the Cooperative in general, can be directed to any of the MWEC offices.



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